WE&I ARTFEST  is inspired by the community of diverse abilities 

Created For The Differently Abled Community By The Differently Abled Community with support from ALL .  

to EMPOWER the differently abled community towards INDEPENDENCE, INCLUSIVITY and SUSTAINABILITY


The WE&I ARTFEST 2018 was a first of its kind differently abled festival to be held annually in which the most relevant art and social work practices are bridging diverse abilities communities . They were given platforms which includes visual art exhibitions, a creative marketplace, live performances, sharing sessions , music and art workshops, film screening , a community art mural wall and even an art fun parade.

This was held in DECEMBER the same month of THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES  2018 themed : Empowering Persons With Disabilities And Ensuring Inclusiveness And Equality


Workshops & Happenings

The Art of Life Balancing: Reality vs. Dream

A panel of three youths, each challenged with a health condition, share their stories on how they balance life when pursuing their dreams whilst managing their respective health conditions. Jeslinda, a wheelchair-user Accounts Executive managed to beat the odds within four years ploughing through the struggle of learning how to walk again. Today she is crutch-assisted but a fully functional independent paraplegic. Lydia, a procurement assistant, born with a genetic disorder that causes dry skin which hinders her ability to sweat survived early year stigmatization to successfully complete her tertiary education. Ashley, born with a mild Cerebral Palsy, despite being occupied with college life, continues to pursue new hobbies. These three steel magnolias have one thing in common – a strong desire to pursue happiness despite numerous acute challenges that persistently shroud their dreams. They are passionately positive in benefitting others from their rare journeys through this sharing session. This session will be facilitated by Syafiq Zulkarnain, the founder of WAUlahh Project.

The Art of Positive Parenting: Dare to be Rare

Three mothers, each blessed with a child born with a chronic health condition, share their stories on how they practice positive parenting in raising their children. Hands- on parenting are for those who are brave but parenting a special-needs child calls for grit. Izyan, a Legal Advisor and mother of three ensures of constant family love and a clear road map for raising Eshal, born with a genetic condition caused by Chromosome Translocation; Siew Lee an Administrator and a mother of two girls has raised Renee, born with CdLS, effectively so much so that she is a cheerful 18 year old and Kartina, a mother of four children whom she home-schools with her eldest son, Imran, who is born with a rare blood disorder. These supermoms are filled with love and creative ways of parenting. They would like to share their experiences to inspire others in enjoining them in building the blocks of positive cultural change.

Channeling & Expressing Through Creative Writing by Wani Ardy

This workshop is designed to introduce participants the basic skills of self-expression through creative writing. WANI ARDY is a Malaysian published author, poet-performer, singer-songwriter, creative writing educator, and the Founder of MRKH Malaysia. Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome (MRKH), is a congenital malformation resulting in underdeveloped female reproductive system. Wani has been advocating and creating awareness through numerous media platforms both mainstream and online; national newspaper, magazine, radio, and television. She speaks publicly about MRKH Syndrome and infertility, and challenges the cultural stigma associated with it, even if it is often at her own expense. Through her books, poetry and music, she has represented Malaysia at various art and literary festivals since 2009 in Sydney, Jakarta, Makassar, Luwuk, and Singapore. She has just returned from the Global MRKH conference in Melbourne, which was her first time speaking on behalf of her country as an MRKH advocate.

Theatrical Elements in Expressing & Boosting Up Confidence by Muha Aziz

This workshop is designed to expose participants on self-expression through theatrical elements. MUHA AZIZ is an art enthusiast who has been involved in artistic free-lance jobs, publicist for theatre, scriptwriting, acting, voiceover, foley arts and sound engineering. A paraplegic and living with Ganglioglioma, Muha is also completely blind on both eyes. Armed with a university degree in Law and Anthropology, Muha joins the MRDS team to advocate for RD community right. Positive and upbeat, Muha sees with his heart is also a performing artist.